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Recreational Pilot Permit

Katana flying over Toronto

Introduced in 1995, the RPP is designed for the 'Weekend Flyer'. It has opened up the field of aviation to more people by making it affordable to learn to fly.

The RPP is for you if you plan on flying 'just for the fun of it' on weekends, or flying to your cottage or to a weekend camping trip. Once you have obtained your RPP, there is nothing stopping you from continuing in our Private Licence program to enjoy even more freedom in aviation.

The restrictions on the RPP are that you cannot carry more than 1 passenger, you cannot fly at night and you cannot fly across international borders. You may not add any ratings to the permit, for example a float or multi-rating. The aircraft must not have more than four seats. Some people get this license as an affordable means of starting their flight career and upgrade to a PPL when possible. If you write the Private exam it counts for the RPP and the PPL, saving you the time and cost of writing two exams.

The Costs

The costs are estimates based on Minimum requirements (As at January 2001). Ottawa Aviation Services is proud to provide personalized training tailored to individual requirements. At OAS, you are not a number, but one of our family! The majority of students do require more time than the minimum required by Transport Canada. In essence, these costs are based on the minimum, you can expect to pay slightly more than this amount. Why not come in or phone, talk to a licence pilot, so that they can give you a 'real world' scenerio!

Requirement Cost on our Katana
Dual Flight Training (15 Hours)

$2,085.00 Cdn.

Solo Time (10 Hours)

$950.00 Cdn.

Ground School

$250.00 Cdn.

Ground School Kit

$235.00 Cdn.

Ministry Exam


Medical Exam (Paid to doctor)


Licence Fee to Receiver General


Ministry Flight Test fee






gst applicable to all training


These are minimum quotes as per Transport guidelines, however the average RPP license in Canada took almost 45 hours last year, so to be realistic, budget for an additional 15 hours dual.

add $2,085.00 for a real total of 6110.00 CDN.


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