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Private Pilot Licence

Katana flight

The Private Pilot Licence does not impose as many restrictions as the RPP. With your PPL, you can add 'endorsements' to further expand your flying challenges such as night ratings and multi-engine ratings.

The PPL is your first step towards a career in aviation.With this in hand, you can continue your professional development towards a career in the most rewarding profession

The Costs

The costs are estimates based on Minimum requirements (As at January 2003). Ottawa Aviation Services is proud to provide personalized training tailored to individual requirements.

At OAS, you are not a number, but one of our familly! The majority of students do require more time than the minimum required by Transport Canada. In essence, these costs are based on the minimum, you can expect to pay slighty more than this amount. Why not come in or phone, talk to a licenced pilot, so that they can give you a 'real world' scenerio!

Cost on our Katana
Dual Flight Training (30 Hours)


Solo Time (15 Hours)


Ground School


Ground School Kit


Medical Exam (Paid to Doctor)


Landing Fees

included in a/c cost

Licence Fee to Receiver General for Canada


Transport Canada Written Exam


Ministry Flight Test fee (pd. to examiner)


All quotes are in CDN funds



$6,585.00 Cdn.

*gst applicable to all training


These are minimum quotes as per Transport Guidelines. To be realistic, add 15 hours dual, and 5 hours solo, as the average Canadian took almost 70.0 hours in 2001 to complete this license! Do not be fooled by low quotes. Get the average times and prices. not the minimums!

add $2085.00

and $475.00

for a real total of


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