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DA 20 Katana in flight

OAS provides a full range of Flight Training Programs tailored to suit your individual requirements. OAS is not a club, so there are no up-front costs associated with your program. You can choose your own pace, fly when you want and take as little or as long as you like.

The following links will give you all the details required. Here is the summary. Click on the highlighted text to follow thru to the deatils of each program offered.

Here is a brief description of what we offer:

Permits and Licences

Recreational Pilot Permit - for the weekend flyer

Private Pilot Licence - for the person wanting a bit more, including USA crossings and night endorsments

Commercial Pilot Licence - The next step to starting your flying career

Ratings and Endorsements

Night Rating - Have a Private Pilot Licence? Want to fly at night? Here's the infomation you need!

Float Rating - Have a Recreational Pilot Permit or higher and have always wanted to try and land on water?

Aerobatic Rating - Looking for a challenge or a thrill ride? Try flying upside down!

Instrument Rating - Do you have a Private Licence or higher and want to get your head in the clouds?

Instructor Rating - Do you hold a Commercial Licence and want to get paid to fly? Why not teach people how to fly!


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