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Commercial Pilot Licence

Inside of a Katana


The Commercial licence is your first serious step towards your goal as a career pilot, whether you wish to fly float planes in northern Ontario or for work for one of the local small charter organizations. During your Commercial licence training, you will brush up on your basic flying skills, plan a 300 nm cross-country flight and advance your instrument flying skills.

The Commercial licence is a rewarding achievement that will open up a whole new world of flying. You could end up spraying herbicides in the prairies or taking tourists for picturesque breathtaking flights over the mountains of British Columbia.

Katana Cross Section

It is a common misconception that Commercial Pilots are only those that fly 'heavies' for Air Canada or the like. In fact, the majority of pilots working professionally in Canada are those in smaller operations. Some examples in Canada are survey pilots, instructors, bush pilots, crop-dusters, charter pilots, executive crews, military and medivac pilots or tour plane operators. The jobs are as diverse as the pilots themselves and as widespread as the Canadian terrain. The "big" jobs come only after years of hard work and commitment. The industry is very competitive, but those with the passion stick it out and find flying a rewarding, lifetime career. 

At OAS, the sky's no limit!

The Costs

Diamond Katana over water

The costs are estimates based on minimum requirements. You must have 200 hours total time with a minimum of 100 Pilot in Command.

Ottawa Aviation Services is proud to provide personalized training tailored to individual requirements. At OAS, you are not a number, but one of our family, although after meeting us, you may want to apply to the Adams Family!

Please note that these costs are estimates only and can vary greatly depending on how often you fly. You can also sign up on one of our block purchase plans will can significantly reduce your solo training costs. Give us a call for details!

Cost on our Katana
Dual Flight Training (35 Hours)

$4,865.00 Cdn.

Solo Time (30 Hours)

$2,850.00 Cdn.

50 hours building time


15 hours briefing and exam prep


Flight Test (Govt Fee)


Ground School

$250.00 Cdn.

Ground School Kit


GST applicable on all training



$13,375.00 Cdn.


Government Details


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