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Realizing your dreams  has never been easier. Follow these steps to see how easy it is learning to Fly!

4 Quick Steps to get your flying started:
  • Call to book your introductory lesson at (613) 737-2933
  • Enroll in the Next Ground School
  • Obtain your Medical certificate; for a list of examiners, click here
  • Choose a  program that suits YOU! here



Foreign students must have a student Visa before they can begin to fly in Canada. You must see your local consulate or embassy for details. OAS can help to facilitate the application process only. We do not issue student visas. Applicants will have to deposit funds for their training and the issuing authority will work in concert with OAS to determine the legitimacy of each applicant.

These are the details:
  1. There are different programs available, depending on what you are looking for in the aviation field. By the way, there is no requirement to enroll in a program. You can set your own pace and fly when you want depending on your budget!

    There are no up-front service charges at OAS You simply pay as you go! It's that simple! You may put money on account or have a preauthorized payment plan. Most people pay as they go, as outstanding balances are a no-no!

  2. Before you can go solo (By yourself that is!), you will require an aviation medical certificate. The medical certificate validates your licence. Depending on which type of licence you wish to obtain, a different 'category' of certificate is available. You must make an appointment with an Approved examiner. For a complete list of examiners, click here.

    The following table describes each category:

    Category Licence or Permit sought Age Validity
    Commercial or Airline Transport  < 40
    40 +
    12 Months
    6 Months
    2 Flight Navigator, Engineer or Air Traffic Controller N/A 12 Months
    Student Pilot or Private Pilot  <40
    40 +
    5 Years
    2 Years
    4 Glider/Ultra light Pilot or Recreational Pilot Permit N/A 5 Years

  3. Attendance at a Ground school course is required before you can write the Government exam. OAS offers ground schools in all categories, from the recreational pilot permit (RPP) to advanced IFR procedures.

    Here is the timetable for the next ground school courses.

  4. There is no requirement for you to follow a strict timetable. You have the option of flying when you want, how often you want. You can start your flying lessons at any time, even during your ground school course or wait to the ground school is complete. However, to save you money, we recommend that you try to fly as often as possible during the first few hours, so that you do not forget past lessons.

    It's that easy! Our professional staff will answer any of your questions and even plan a schedule for you, set at you own pace and preferences. For details on the various programs and requirements, click here.

    This is where you will find all the details and requirements for the different licence's and ratings that you can obtain.

Just want to know the costs ?  Click here to find current costs for aircraft rental

Remember, the Sky's no Limit at OAS!

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