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$75 Paved Parking Available!

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These are the current rates* at OAS. Please note that there are no club fees, no additional insurance or landing fees for Ottawa Airport, and no administrative charges:what you see is what you pay! Your headset and that of your passenger is included. No membership fees!

For the approximate costs of obtaining a specific licence, the click here!

Flight Training*

DA-20 Katana



$155.00/hr Dry

Grob 115-C


Cessna 172


BE-19 Sport


ELITE Simulator


Aerobatics $161.00/hr


$46.00 /hr all Levels

Exam Preparation $30.00/hr

Ground School


Float Ratings available various package prices

Flight Kit


$250.00 Complete

Other Services

Tie Down

$75.00 /Month

Transient Parking

$7.50 /Day

Avgas 100 ll

$1.50 /ltr


$subject to aircraft size




$5.00 /each Preheat

* Prices are effective September 26th, 2006 and are subject to change without notice.

All headsets are included in these prices. Prices include fuel and oil. No Membership fees. No additional insurance or landing fees. GST applicable to all flying, commercial students entitled to a refund of GST. Forms available at OAS , all landing fees at CYOW included.
AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, cheque, debit cards and cash accepted.

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