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OAS News and Events

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Ottawa Aviation Services is full of wonderful people. Its staff keeps the company going strong with their dedication,     expertise and professionalism!


Lary Loretto

Office Managers

Donna and Teri Loretto, Caryl MacKay

Person Responsible For Maintenance

Jim Fritz

Chief Flight Instructor

Mark Braithwaite - CPL, Multi

Class I Flight Instructor
Mike Rood - CPL, Multi-IFR, Aerobatics

Class II Flight Instructor
Marc Ouellet - ATP,Multi-IFR, Aerobatic

Class III Flight Instructor
Chad Barnhart - CPL
Lance Carr - CPL
Bruce Trudel - ATP, Single-IFR

Class IV Flight Instructor
Piotr Dobrowolski - CPL, Multi-IFR, IATRA

Marc St. Onge -CPL, Aerobatics
Paul Leduc - CPL, Multi-IFR
Bobby Greenway - CPL
Cedric Paillard - CPL, Multi-IFR
Chris Avery - CPL
Zdenek Sklubal - CPL

Part Time Flight Instructors

Wayne Foy - Aerobatics

Mike Smith - Designated Pilot Examiner
Martine Dumas - Designated Pilot Examiner

Ramp/Dispatch Personnel
Garrett Watkis
Eric Mitura
Jesse Lefebvre
Dave Kelk
Marco Doucette
Chris Pelly

Andrew Loveless










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