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HELLO and Welcome to a HOT summer!

The heat and humidity has really stepped up these past few weeks so be aware of the change in performance of your aircraft. The dangerous weather can build up quickly in these unsettled climes, so keep an eagle's eye out for TCU's.

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Firsts and other wonderful accomplishments so far this summer

Evan Braatz
Al Sweeney
Troy Mayhew
Nathan Makinen
Mike Fowler
Samuel Hopkins

Adam Pyszko
Mark Psutka


Rob McLennan

Greg Holbrook

Piotr Dobrowolski

Mike Daugherty

Chad Barnhart
Cedric Belanger

In Memoriam

A tragic industrial accident in Fort McMurray last month led to the death of Darina Valentik, former OAS student and sister in-law to dispatcher Teri. Darina was continuing her pilot studies in Northern Alberta and working in the oil fields in that area. Darina will be sorely missed by her family, friends and all who met the vibrant and fiery young woman. Darina had just returned from Thailand where she was teaching for World Vision. She was also active at her branch of the Humane Society. She would have been 35 this month.
Rest in peace sunshine.

Review for Safety! From the Transport Canada Safety Handouts


Low flying is a killer: Before you even contemplate it, try this test: It may change you mind and save your neck.

  1. How much airspeed will you lose if you slam your aircraft into a 45 degree bank turn?
  2. What rate and radius of turn will you get in a 45 degree bank turn?
  3. How much space will you need to complete a 180 degree turn?
  4. How much space will you need with a 20 knot tailwind halfway around the turn?
  5. How far away can you see a wire?
  6. If you have to jerk back on the stick/yoke to miss a wire, how much space will it take to change the flight path upwards?
  7. If you have to pull up quickly straight ahead, what airspeed will you have after 300 feet of climbing?
  8. What do you do if you run a tank dry at low altitude?
  9. Will your windshield withstand hitting a 3-lbs gull?
  10. Do you still want to try some low flight?

Not only is low flying dangerous, it is a reflection of an immature pilot. Fly smart and fly alive.

The Safety Squad!

From the Desk of the President
The Meeting

Well, Lance Carr and I went to the meeting at the Brampton Flying Club which had been called to discuss the Government of Ontario’s attempt to regulate flight training in the province. Words fails me! Eight civil servants with a combined yearly income of about $500 000 and not one of them with a decent working knowledge of flight training of aviation in general.

In the meantime, an aircraft finished up on the shore of Thunder Bay with the tragic loss of one life. The connection here? Just 50% of the ONE of these salaries would have kept the Terrace Bay airport open and this in turn would have given the pilot an “out” when the winds and weather did not follow the forecast. I say again, write your MP, your MPP or any other persons you can think might be able to stop this insanity on the part of the government of Ontario. It’s your future: I’m about ready for the rocking chair!

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