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Hello and welcome to December!

Baffles are the thing this month, review your POH as to temperatures for each aircarft. Winter handling is very important to avoid cold starts and damaged engines! OAS will be keeping some holiday hours this year, check these for booking restrictions. The New Year is a great time to think about getting a Night Rating, some instrument work or a VFR Over the Top. The early nights are not the best for abinitio, so think about adding on to your license or permit until the daylight hours come back!


In Novermber...!

Private Pilot License - John Dallaire

Commercial Pilot License - Chad Barnhart

Multi-Engine - Steve Haybukai

Congradulations to you all!!


HOLIDAY HOURS! OAS will be closed from noon onwards on December 19th for staff appreciation day at Lary and Donna's farm. On December 24th, we'll be open from 7am to noon and closed for Christmas Eve. December 25th and 26th, OAS will be closed and open again from the 27-30th. We'll close again around 4pm on the 31st but open again from noon on January 1st. Plenty of time to recover!


From the desk of the President!

Why run a flight school? Well, I can give you many reason why not to; such as long hours, high expenses and dealing with various bureaucracies and the list goes on! What is the upside? The biggest upside, I think is to see employees and graduates fulfill their dreams and move to other branches of aviation.

Let's take a quick look at this years' staff and grad job moves... Kate Duncan and Andrew Campbell are with Fugro on Casas and Caravans. The Chief Pilot for this company? Mike Stevens, another ex-instructor from OAS! Aaron is now a First Officer with First Air on the B727 and Hawker. Bill is on the B1900 with Georgian, Umar is on a B737 in Pakistan. Nina is with Thunder Air on a King Air after a successful summer with Hicks and Lawrence, and Halim is flying an MU2 with Air500. Gabe just returned from FlightSaftey where he completed his Cheyenne checkout. Mike Hillier, who actually started as a co-op student is now the youngest Captain at his Saskatchewan airline.

Let's hope we see more OAS grads in the bigger planes soon. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!


New things this month... the Beech and GAIC both have new engines! Even cooler? Lary has a new tractor. Check out the beast of perfection on the ramp! Only Jesse is allowed to ride and Lary has nicknamed the tractor "Jesse's toy."


OAS would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very happy and safe holiday! Thanks for reading this month and all the best for the New Year!!

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