Hello and welcome to September! The VAPOR Rally was a great success despite a smaller turnout than hoped. (A few competitors got stuck in Carp with the air show closures) but we had a great time. The First place winners were Glen Black and Fouad Menassa of the Cornwall Flying Club, although both men live in the Belle Province! Special thanks to our sponsors this year, Classic Aircraft, OAS, V.I.P Pilot Supplies, Greg Michaud, COPA, Dave Kelk and The Ottawa International Airport Authority. We flew, ate, laughed and celebrated John Quarterman's birthday. (John is one of the founding members of VAPOR) Next year you should look at competing for fabulous prizes and fun. Coming up in this edition: new ground schools starting, some new jobs for OAS alumni, workshops and much more! If you have any items of interest, please contact Teri or Donna in dispatch for print, or Piotr Dobrowolski for website news and contributions.

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Firsts and Other Wonderful Achievements in




First Solo

David Rooney

Robert West

Jean Populus

Lee Keller



Robert McLennan

DeAnn Foreman

Chris Waters

David Kelk


Night Rating

Anderson Wong

Morgan Adams



Christian Dumbrevescu

Cedric Belanger



Nicole Terry


Class Two Instructor

Gabe Vaghy


New Parents

Chris Avery

Paul and Tina Sutton



Just Married

Lloyd Bunbury and Helene Condie

OAS would like to congratulate all of those pilots on reaching these goals!

We Salute You!


From the Desk of the President


Night: Well, the days are getting shorter so it is time to make sure those night ratings are current. It really inhibits the flying time after the impending time change if you don't have that rating!

Fuel Prices: one of our fuel costs jumped from 91.5 to 1.279 in just one delivery! This has caused an increase in rental costs to the pilot. Our apologies, but the good news is that Mr. Forbes (the very rich one) has predicted a return to $45USD per barrel within a year. In spite of these cost hikes it would seem that Diamond Aircraft is on the right track with the Diesel powered DA-42 and DA-40. The other big fuel question is the future of 100LL: it's a target of the environmental movement due to the lead content and the industry is working on a substitute. (as it has been replaced in automobiles) hopefully the “Boffins” will come up with a solution. If it all sounds a little depressing, don't worry, this is a resilient industry and solutions will be found!

That's all folks    Lary


Upcoming Events

September 10 th Tillsonburg Fly in BBQ at CNQ4 from 11Am to 2PM. Lots of food and great fuel prices! Rain Date Sept 11 th . Call 519-842-2929 for details or email amurray@town.tillsonburg.on.ca

September 17 th Windsor EAA Chapter is hosting their annual lunch and dinner at CYQG. Sunday breakfast for overnighters as well. For information visit www.eaachapter185.ca

September 18 th at Lake Simcoe COPA Flight 84's second annual fly in at CNB9 from 10AM to 3PM. This year it is at the main terminal on the south side. Contact John at jglloway@gallowaymotorsltd.com

Bancroft Ontario is having a fall BBQ on September 25 th at Jack Brown Airport. It will run 10AM to 3PM and you can contact Norman Jull at 613- 332-3674 or email nornjull@sympaticao.ca





LACHUTE EAA and COPA Flight 118 are organising a precision and navigation exercise in Lachute (SE4) October 1 st 2005. Rain date October 2 nd Open to everybody. Participants will fly a course, identified by headings and turning points and be timed. During the flight a number of pictures will have to be identified and marked precisely on the map. You may take a navigator (or two!). Registration fee is $5 per plane, food extra, Briefing at 10AM. For more information contact Michel Moreau at 514-694-2129 or email mjmorea@videotron.ca or call KEJY Aviation at 450-562-1330. This airport is only a short hop from Ottawa.


Multi-IFR Renewals


Same day service (wx permitting)

If you are experienced, expect to be treated that way!


Aircraft $222/hour


Instructor $47/hour


Examiner $325 flat rate for flight test


*All prices, add 7% GST


Call Cornwall Aviation and book your flights today!

(613) 931-3311 pr email cornnav@pro-flight.on.ca


Mention that you are coming from OAS and you will get even friendlier service! (They like us!)

These are the best rates in the area and plane is always available because they have 2!


Thanks for tuning in this month, until next, keep the blue side up!