Hello and welcome to August. Just announced! New groundschool starting September 17th. Unfortunately there were not enough folk for the weekend sessions, but this evening class is filling fast. Sign up to confirm your spot at dispatch.  Also, we were sitting around whilst the gang was off at OSHKOSH and we decided we need an OAS social committee. Class three instructor Kate Duncan was elected to direct it (hey, she wasn’t here to say no…) Read below for the first step in organising the committee. We are taking volunteers as well for this 10-person board. If this is something that might interest you, see Teri or Donna at the front desk to sign up!

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Due to the resounding success of OAS’s recent trip to Oshkosh, many people have expressed interest in similar outings that involve going somewhere to actually do something interesting, rather than just a touch-and-go!  Oshkosh was a fair distance away, involving a time commitment of four days, two of those devoted to getting there and getting back, averaging about 9 hours of flying each way, so, even though plans for Oshkosh 2004 are underway, we thought we’d survey our students and renters to see what kind of mini-trips they’d like to undertake, and plan a day of flying, food & fun with the whole fleet of aircraft.

This is a perfect time to take advantage of the knowledge of OAS instructors.  We’d like to plan some of these trips to odd and unusual airstrips (grassy, narrow, big upslopes, large obstacles on approach, etc.)  that you may have been eyeing but are a little apprehensive about going to without a more experienced pilot on board.  Or, you may want to learn how to make full use of the GPS in the aircraft, or learn about advanced navigation techniques using the VOR, DME, and ADF.  You may even want to see what an ILS approach looks like.  (Plus if you are with an instructor, your recency requirements will have been met and Transport Canada will be happy...)

Here are a few ideas we already have kicking around:

-ski-flying demo day (hopefully not for a couple more months)

-precision-flying contests (in the form of spot landing competitions and air rallies)

-trip to Morrisburg to go to Upper Canada Village/Golfing

-trip to Watertown to experience a US Border Crossing

-BBQ at Windover Field (where Lary & Donna’s Champs live)

I think part of the reason that the Oshkosh trip was such a success was due to the varied experience levels of all pilots involved.  We had everything from a pilot who had been licensed for less than 24 hours, to a pilot who had been licensed for, well, more than 24 years, as well as two instructors available for all kinds of questions from “where does it say if it is a right or left pattern in the AFD?” to “what State are we in now?!” We hope we can make the smaller trips be as much of a learning experience and give you a taste of “real-world” flying as the Oshkosh trip did for the 13 of us that went.  Give us your feedback - there’s a big envelope at the dispatch desk that you can put your suggestions in, and hey, also let us know if you are interested in participating in planning and/or going on a trip, because we need YOU to make this happen!

-Kate Duncan OAS Instructor



is in full swing!

OAS students can enjoy competitive rates through West Capital Aviation operating out of Constance Lake and Rockcliffe Airport. Any OAS student sent out to train at West Capital enjoys the benefit of not having to pay any membership fees and the ground portion is included in your package. (Not to mention OAS gets a small finder’s fee!) See Teri for package details.

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Class 3 Instructor

Kate Duncan

OAS would like to congratulate all of these pilots!

Also, a special congratulations to the group who made the big trek to OSHKOSH this year:

Lary Loretto

Dave Zyla

Kate Duncan

Aaron Speer

Gabe Vaghy

Eric Roy

Julie Boulet

Vince Doyle

Chris Avery

Rob Rennert

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We Salute You!


From the Desk of the President

SAFE: Ragging on again

Flying is often about doing the repetitive tasks to the same standard every flight. It is all too easy to get sloppy or stray from standard Operating Procedures or let one’s standards drop. The external walkaround is one item about which pilots tend to get too casual. It is a necessary chore that often gets rushed or shortened. Recently our GROB suffered damage when a succession of pilots failed to notice a loose panel. Fortunately when it did depart in flight, it did not affect the handling of the plane (or hit anyone on the ground…editor) This would not have been the case had another panel which one of our instructors found hanging by one screw departed in flight. This aircraft had been pre-flighted twice on the day in question. It was our luck that a sharp-eyed instructor noticed the problem. If he hadn’t the aircraft would still be stuck away from base.

Further to the above, we have suffered some engine damage due to non-standard operating techniques. So p[lease folks, stick to the OAS SOPs and do the walk around as if it were a new car you had just bought, with your family on board!

That’s all for now folks!



Thanks to everyone who helped out on the pilot weather survey printed in last month’s edition.


A few of OAS’ parking folks are heading out to Carp and a hanger, so we will have some prime hardtop parking available in September. The cost is $75.00 per month. There is no power to the spots but the trusty generators are still available for preheats. If you or someone you know is interested see Donna because the space is limited. We’ll miss the people moving out but new faces and planes are always welcome around OAS!ń

Congratulations to Kate Duncan on the occasion of achieving her Class Three rating this past month. Good work!

Thanks for reading this month! Until the next, keep the blue side up!