Hello and welcome to July! The hot weather is here and boy is it humid! Remember that your aircraft performance changes in the summer, allowing Katana engines to idle slightly longer on shut down can help prevent backfiring and dressing for the hot weather is a must. On a meteorological note, thunderstorms and unsettled weather can pop up seemingly from nowhere this time of year. If planning a light, double check all weather and prepare for the possibility of having to divert around potential trouble zones! This year, OAS has the proud opportunity to host the VAPOR rally. Read below for details! As usual, many firsts and other wonderful accomplishments this month; read onů!


In June...

Recreational Pilot Permit


Mike Bowen ( Smith Falls Flying Club)


Private Pilot License


Bill Flint ( Smith Falls Flying Club)

Nick Faber


Night Rating


Matt Hagman


Class IV Instructor Rating


Chris Avery


Multi-Engine Instrument Rating


Piotr Dobrowolski



Are you or anyone you know interested in investing in Ottawa Aviation Services? If so, there will be a general meeting on Friday, July 15th, 2005 at OAS. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lary, Donna or Teri at dispatch (613) 737-2933. You can also reach them at their email addresses: owners@ottawaflighttraining.com


Private Pilot Ground School

The next Private Pilot Ground School begins on July 9th. This is an intensive 5 Saturday ground school and will run starting July 9th and the last Saturday scheduled as August 7th. If you wish do sign up, please contact personel at dispatch: (613) 737-2933.


Commercial Pilot Ground School

The next Commercial Ground School is scheduled to begin on August 13th. This will be a weekend ground school running on Saturdays and Sundays from 0800-1600. If you wish to sign up, please call dispatch at: (613) 737-2933.



Ottawa Aviation Services is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the VAPOR RALLY this year. The rally, simply put is a svanger hunt but from the air! You must correctly answer questions on the ground which will reveal your route. You then must fly the route and find each of these landmarks from the aircraft. Prizes are to be announced, but word has it, if you come in last you get a free From The Ground Up!