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HELLO! and welcome to July 2004! Yes, the month where it's, it's well... HOT! Enjoy the beautiful weather that we've been generally having folks; January is only 5 months away...!

Lots has been going on lately here at OAS. Congratulations to Andrew Campbell who has recently accepted to step into the position of CFI! Scroll down to read about some firsts and other wonderful accomplishments. As well as a trip report from OAS' trip down to Diamond Fest in June. Happy reading!




Brent Sourisseau

Shigenori Tamamura

Patrick St-Louis



Hélène Condie



Lance Carr


by the way - if you click here you can go directly to OAS' picture site to take a look at who these wonderful people are!



We are still waiting on a trip report from one of the brave individuals that took on the task of flying down to London for Diamond Fest at the end of June. So while you wait, take a look here. We've got pictures!



NOTE: As of June 18, 2004, Pilot's of OAS Aeroplanes planning to remain in the circuit for the entire duration of the flight will be exempted from obtaining a transponder code in advance!


Fly to Osh Kosh and you could win $10000!

Fly with André in his beaver on floats (the only one in the world with a 600HP, 140MPH) 5-hour flight. Leaving Ottawa Thursday morning, July 29, 2004 and returning to Ottawa Monday, August 2, 2004. The cost is $450.00/person and you could win a $10000 reward IF you find a buyer for my Beaver. I will give you a tee shirt with a picture of the Beaver and the words "For Sale" on it with descriptive information. The plane has full dual controls and you will also have the chance to take the controls. Seats are limited to five. Contact André Durocher at (819) 684-2830 or email:


FYI! Katana Workshop on Monday July, 26 at 7pm. This workshop is free to all OAS alumni, students and renters. It is a great opportunity to learn about the Rotax Engine, composites and flight characteristics of our favorite trainer. If you have not taken this workshop yet, it is recommend you do. Hosted by Lary, cookies and coffee will be served!



Well, that's it for this month. Hope you enjoyed reading, and until next month, Keep the Blue Side Up!    

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