Hello and welcome to July. HOT HOT HOT has been the answer to how are you? Lately and there are a few things you should know about operating planes in the heat. Take the time to review your procedures and ask an Instructor if you have any concerns about the operation of the plane in this heat. OAS is heading to OshKosh this month, don’t forget the group briefing on the 24th in the classroom if you are going.  This month we have a few Workshops as well. Keep your eyes on our website or at dispatch for details. Happy Canada Day all!


is in full swing!

OAS students can enjoy competitive rates through West Capital Aviation operating out of Constance Lake and Rockcliffe Airport. Any OAS student sent out to train at West Capital enjoys the benefit of not having to pay any membership fees and the ground portion is included in your package. (Not to mention OAS gets a small finder’s fee!) See Teri for package details.

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Karl Brambat

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Stephane Tanguay

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Keith Kelly

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Kim Coté

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Jason Peake

OAS would like to congratulate all of these pilots!

Welcome Aboard! to Trevor MacLaurin, new Class Four Instructor. Trevor has already picked up a few flights in Ottawa and is looking to help out Keith Kelly new CFI and Class 2 at our Smith’s Falls location. Both of these pilots were recently laid off at First Air and jumped right in at OAS to keep flying as Instructors. Their loss is our gain. Hmmm…we like them so much, we’re kind of hoping they stay a while! Go team!

For Sale

1961 Fourney FIA Aircoupe, only 35 manufactured! Excellent condition and immaculate paint. Maintained to the highest standards. Beautiful plane! Please contact Chris Trim at  (613) 822-4140 with inquiries! Looking for some aviation stuff?

One ICOM A-22 Nav/Com for sale. Includes Ni-Cd Battery, wall charger headset adapter, belt clip, antenna and carry case. Push to talk style.  Also a Citizen Eco-drive watch. Has a four-year power reserve, charges in sunlight, three-world time alarms and 99 minute countdown feature. Time and calendar in 30 cities! Call Andrew Armstrong if these items interest you at (613) 990-1011 or (819) 684-1796

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From the Desk of the President

(Lary just returned from flying the Beechcraft 19 out to Edmonton with his youngest daughter Nina. She has transferred there with First Air and they thought the trip would be a great way to get some IFR practice and say ‘farewell for now’. Read about some highlights of that flight in Lary’s column this month…)

As most of you know, Nina, my youngest daughter and I went in the "Mighty Beech" from CYOW to CYXD and back last week. Apart from regretting not having it rigged a little better before leaving the trip was a re-play of many low and slow ferry flights I've done over the last few years. The difference this time was that on the way out Nina did all the work and I could spend my time taking in the landscape! From a few thousand feet it is possible to see this country in a way the early explorers could only imagine, from the pleasure of seeing how the forests I helped seed as an Ag-Cat pilot around Northern Ontario have matured into magnificent forest. Or to the sheer beauty of the north shore of Lake Superior: this is some country no matter how inept most of our politicians may be!

The prairies were their greenest after some heavy rains and the sight of domed Ukrainian churches standing alone now that most farmers have moved to the cities are a poignant reminder of the hardships faced by the early settlers.

Con’t 3rd column




Peter LaCasse is seeking pilots to aid him in market research for a pilot weather services survey. He is with a marketing company called VDC and is working on behalf of PilotWX, a weather services company in the US and Canada. They are seeking to improve services currently available to pilots and need some feedback. If you would like to help, you can reach Peter at peterl@vdc-corp.com or call (508) 653-9000 for details. Q


For those of you going on the OSHKOSH trip, don’t forget the group briefing at OAS on the 24th of July. Lary Loretto and John Quarterman, both OSHKOSH vets, will be outlining our flight plan, reviewing landing procedures and getting everyone up to speed for the trip. The night starts at 7PM and will last approximately 3 hours. Please meet in the OAS classroom. It is imperative that all OSHKOSH pilots attend. If you want to just sit in and learn, check in with dispatch and see if you can sit in the back. Tally Ho! OSHKOSHERS!Q

As we passed Winnipeg, Nina issued a position report and shortly after a very surprised voice came on the radio.

"Is that really you Nina?” came the voice on centre frequency. "Sure is," was Nina's reply.

It turned out it was a very surprised Joe Mulkins, former OAS instructor, letting down into Winnipeg in a Navajo! He remembered the mighty Beech well!

As the temperatures on the prairies climbed into the high thirties, the Beech needed gentler coaxing to get to cruise altitude and the fuel loads became smaller with each stop. But the Beech managed to get us there and back with only a minor radio glitch, which as it has two VHF’s was not a problem, I have to say though, before doing a trip like this again we will adjust the rigging! AME!

I encourage all of you to see more of our beautiful country…and if you can do it in a plane…well, so much the better!

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Thanks for reading this month! Until the next, keep the blue side up!