Hello and welcome to June. Well the Smith’s Falls location has been approved for a permanent base! Keith Kelly, recent Class 2 will be acting as CFI and keeping things flying down there. Speaking of Smith’s Falls, the Fly-in breakfast was another rousing success; despite cloudy skies and occasional rain. Congratulations to Jack and the board for another job well done. Thanks to Keith Kelly and Bruce Trudel for flying the visitors around on their mini-tours for the morning. Read on, Fliers!


Oshawa Aviation Expo! Canada’s largest air trade show is on again at Oshawa Regional Airport. (CYOO). Join thousands of other pilots and aviation enthusiasts on June 14th and 15th. You can drive, fly or walk in. If you are heading up let OAS know and we can slide you some tickets! It’s great weekend fun!


Don’t forget Kars’ Annual “Kars ‘n Planes” summer BBQ on June the 8th at the Rideau Valley Airpark. Antique cars and planes are the feature at this event!

Firsts and Other

Wonderful Achievements in



First Solo

Darren Maware

Paul Phillips

David Schultz

René Frigault

Steve Haybukhai


Elizabeth Den Otter

Bruce Haydon

Class 2 Instructor

Andrew Campbell

Class 4 Instructor

Alex Cote

Alex Deslauriers

OAS would like to congratulate all of these pilots!



Partners for aircraft ownership. I would like to find one or more partners to share in buying and operating an airplane. I’m fairly flexible about the aircraft type, but it should hold two large adults and still have enough weight capacity to hold a reasonable amount of fuel. (C150’s need not apply!). Please call Mike James at (613) 727-9359 or email him at mjames@magma.ca

From the Desk of the President

Lately we have suffered broken PTT switches and damaged headsets by the score! Please do not use excessive force on these items! Should one break, report it and remove it from service.

When the runway at PD8 is not too soft, Donna and I have been using the Beechcraft 19 to commute to work this summer. If ever one needed a demonstration of the advantages of general aviation, this is IT!

A choice between 25 to 30 minutes flying in the Beech and 1-11/2 hours in the car tailgated by angry drivers in polluted traffic…it’s no contest!

(With the shape of commercial aviation being what it is, we may see more and more people using light aircraft for commuting.)

That’s All for Now Folks!



…more on back

For Sale

1961 Fourney FIA Aircoupe, only 35 manufactured! Excellent condition and immaculate paint. Maintained to the highest standards. Beautiful plane!

Please contact Chris Trim at  (613) 822-4140 with inquiries!


is in full swing!

OAS students can enjoy competitive rates through West Capital Aviation operating out of Constance Lake and Rockcliffe Airport. Any OAS student sent out to train at West Capital enjoys the benefit of not having to pay any membership fees and the ground portion is included in your package. (Not to mention OAS gets a small finder’s fee!) See Teri for package details.


Have you been over to the National Capital Aviation Museum lately? The Museum is putting together some great exhibits to commemorate the 100 years of powered flight being celebrated in 2003. You can also take a flight in a 1956 DeHavilland Canada Chipmunk, which is part of the Museum’s Flying Program. You may have seen (or heard!) this beautiful white airplane that used to be a trainer in the RCAF start up on the OAS ramp.  It is a dream to fly this piece of history, and the experience is not to be missed!  The Chipmunk is usually at the museum on weekends, but you can call ahead to book a time. (And if this little article does not persuade you, talk to Kate!) The Museum is located off the Rockcliffe Parkway near the river or can be reached online at www.aviation.nmstc.ca.

Welcome Aboard to Alex Cote, new Class Four instructor. Alex will be picking up a few flights Ion the weekends here at OAS, so make him feel welcome. (In OAS terms that means give him a good-natured hard time until the next “greenhorn” arrives. Speaking of which, Trevor McLaurin passed his Class Four ride at the beginning of this month, and we are hoping to see his smiling face around our Smith’s Falls location soon! Bravo!

OAS featured in numerous articles in local papers this month! SFFC student Maria Topping arranged a student Fly Day at the Smith’s Falls Airport for her Kindergarten class and their Grade 6 reading buddies. 65 kids form Drummond Central School showed up to see and learn about aeroplanes and aviation. Special thanks to pilots Nina Loretto and Kate Duncan for showing the kids around the mighty Beechcraft and to Trevor Lyons for bringing his classic Ercoupe to the Club. Jack Tedford was on hand from the Smith’s Falls Flying Club and Graham Payne was there with his model flyers, demonstrating these amazing little machines for the kids. Lary Loretto and Keith Kelly helped to kids with some hands on learning, while the Lamports showed off their RV6. You can see great articles about this day in the Smith’s Falls newspaper The Lanark Era and the local Perth paper! Keep your eyes open to an upcoming edition of COPA for a full-length article with pictures! 


Looking for some aviation stuff?

One ICOM A-22 Nav/Com for sale. Includes Ni-Cd Battery, wall charger headset adapter, belt clip, antenna and carry case. Push to talk style.  Also a Citizen Eco-drive watch. Has a four-year power reserve, charges in sunlight, three-world time alarms and 99 minute countdown feature. Time and calendar in 30 cities! Call Andrew Armstrong if these items interest you at (613) 990-1011 or (819) 684-1796.


Thanks for reading this month!

 Until the next…keep the blue side up!