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There are many exciting things happening at OAS! Keep checking back for News Updates.

Last updated July 15th 2003 See down page left for specific events! Just click and browse!

Bill goes Turbine! CFI Bill Hutton moves on! That's right, folks... the chairs will be lonely...Bill has been picked up by Sander Geophysics to fly on the Caravan! Bill leaves at the end of the week for his new job. we wish him the best and if you want to swing by Tuscon's Roadhouse this Wednesday the 16th for a pint, we'll all be there saying our goodbyes! ( Because he is next door, however, we think the chairs may still get a workout every now and then!)

Christian Pilon has done it! Christian's hard work paid off this week and made him a Private Pilot! Christian hopes to complete his night rating and IFR this summer. Good work and felicitations! Did I spell that right?

Karl Brambat has completed his Private License and will be heading off with his first passenger on a cross country next week. First passenger? Rhonda, the Instructor who sent him solo! Good work Karl and get that night rating for winter is coming...(you'd never know.)

OAS pilot Stephane Tanguay finished up his Seaplane rating out at West Capital this past week. If you are interested in getting your float rating see Teri in Dispatch for your hook up.

Speaking of Seaplane Ratings: The West Capital Aviation is hosting a BBQ and info session at the OFC next door on Thursday June 26th. Show up at 7PM if you want to hear some more about this rating. If you want to sign up state that you are from OAS so you don't end up getting Flying Club Membership fees and the credit goes to our school not the Club.

THREE NEW CLASS FOURS! Eeek, job market at saturation level! Trevor McLaurin, Kim Cote and Jason Peake all passed their instructor rides. What a great week here at the school. Kim is off to Belgrade for the summer and Trevor should be picking up some flights in Smith's Falls soon. Jason is taking a breather, and then hoping to start some part-time instructing. Special thanks to DTE Ray Beland for spending so much time here last week, and good work all. Also in Instructor news, Keith Kelly is a now a class two! This Smith's Falls CFI is keeping busy down there and has really picked up the flying for this location.

Andrew Loveless has found his love...loveless... get it? whatever... He is now officailly licensed and has already taken up a passenger. Next he moves on to his float rating this summer with the good folks out at West Capital.

Speaking of which, congratulations to Stephane Tanguay, OAS alumni, who finished his Seaplane rating this month. Sweet!

The lovely and talented Elizabeth Den Otter is now a licensed pilot! She finished up her training with Andrew last month and did exceptionally well on both the written and practical tests. Congratulations! We hope to see Elizabeth recognise her career goals when she finishes up her Aerospace Engineering degree. Good Luck!

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