HELLO and welcome to March! Today, as i'm updating OAS' Website it's about 2C outside. Perhaps this is a sign that it's warming up. Yahoo!! bring on spring. Be careful out on the ramp this time of year, as everything melts during the day but still manages to freeze over-night, it can be slippery out there. As always, many things have been going on at OAS. On Saturday, March 19th, there is a Tower Tour planned. If you have signed up, meet at OAS at 1330 for a question and answer period. The whole group will then proceed to the tower. There is another tour planned for April 16th. Sign up at dispatch. As well, if you've ever wanted to fly to Oshkosh for the worlds famous Air Show, OAS is planning to fly down the last week in July. Keep an eye out for news posted around the school and the website if you are interested!

This just in: Next Private Pilot Ground School begins MAY 2nd. Call dispatch to sign up now! (613) 737-2933


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From the desk of the President!

Well the Global Flyer did it! The team of Rutan, Fosset and Branson have achieved a truly remarkable record. Their composite aircraft has done what many thought could not be achieved but the composite construction and a highly efficient engine changed the score. These, along with the "out of the box" creation of scaled composites have proven the naysayers were wrong again!

At the other end of the notable happenings in aviation, another airline (JetsGo) has folded, which probes in my mind the old adage "you get what you pay for." Unfortunately some of the junior pilots for that company paid for a lot and may not see any in return.

Of all industries, aviation seems to generate more "folklore" and inaccurate reporting than others. Here are a few from the last couple of months.

1. Jet hits control tower in CYYC - in actual fact it didn't hit, but came close enough to scare a few folks.

2. Valuable aircraft removed from hanger and cut up! Fact: rusty piece of aircraft removed from filed by farmer (although sometimes the former DOES happen)...

3. Aircraft force lands on frozen river. Fact: ski plane landed on ice at fly in breakfast.

4. Aircraft lands at wrong airport. Fact: aircraft landed at intended airport, they had simply changed destination en route following proper procedure.

Most of this information was incorrectly reported via the internet!

As a last note would all Grob and Katana pilots ensure that they are briefed on the correct method of adjusting the rudder pedals on the Katana and the alternate method of releasing the harness in the Grob. That's all for now folks!



The Webster Memorial Trophy

Is back! This prestigious award (won by on of ours back in the 90's) is a great opportunity for emerging pilots to show off their skills for fabulous prizes. The winner receives the Webster medallion, Air Canada pass for two anywhere in the Air Canada system, a framed print depicting John Webster's aircraft and the winner and runner up will be granted interviews with Air Canada, upon completing certain criteria. Interested? Check out: http://www.webstertrophycompetition.netfrims.com or call (613) 253-8979 and ask for Ms. Michelle Steward. (she's also an OAS student from our Smith's Falls location, so be polite!) This competition is not for amateurs and is NOT open to anyone working as a pilot. See the website for all details and let Dispatch know you are interested in competing this year.