Hello and welcome to March. Well, Julius Caesar had to ‘beware the Ides of March’ and we in flight training must beware the ‘Ice of March’.  The warming weather can be deceptive, and March is a transition month, where cold and warm fronts are meeting with frequency. Check out the weather review section in this month’s newsletter. Read on!







April 5th 2003! Looking for a cool vacation or a place to fly to? Check out Fun ‘ Sun, airshow and fly-in extraordinaire! You can visit their website at www.fun-n-sun.org for details. This event is one of North America’s largest aviation shows. Check out the Diamond booth if you attend. (Good BBQ!)

Canadian Aviation


A little closer to home be the Expo held at Oshawa Municipal Airport June 13-15th. This is Canada’s largest aviation trade show and Fly In. Check it out! www.candianaviationexpo.com or 1-800-776-5976 or contact COPA.


March 30th is the ‘It’s Springtime’ lunch at the Country Kitchen Restaurant in Winchester, just a little north of Hwy. 31/43 intersection. Start time is 1PM.

Spring has finally arrived and we have a number of pilots looking for partners to purchase a light aircraft or upgrading the aircraft they already own

We have a few new aircraft for sale on our board! Come and browse! Planes include:

1976 Cessna 150M

1976 Piper Arrow 11

Piper Cherokee 140

and shares in a Rockwell Commander!

Firsts and Other

Wonderful Achievements in


1st Solo

Andrew Loveless

Adam Inkpen

Barry Wedd


Joshua Fletcher


Paul Sutton

OAS would like to congratulate all of these pilots!



Partners for aircraft ownership. I would like to find one or more partners to share in buying and operating an airplane. I’m fairly flexible about the aircraft type, but it should hold two large adults and still have enough weight capacity to hold a reasonable amount of fuel. (C150’s need not apply!). Please call Mike James at (613) 727-9359 or email him at mjames@magma.ca

Multi-Engine Training at OAS

In co-operation with West Capital Aviation, OAS will be offering Multi and Multi-IFR rating at Ottawa international. The aircraft has a Garmin 430 GPS coupled with STEC autopilot and Stormscope and is an excellent training package for those wishing to acquire these ratings.


By the Hour $295/hr +gst

8-hr basic $285/hr +gst

12–hr pack $275/hr + GST

25-hr hour-builder $270/hr+gst

50-hr hour-builder $265/hr + gst. See Dispatch for details!

Weather Signs

(Excerpts from Take Five for Safety)

Look for cloudy, unsettled weather when:

-          the Barometer is falling

-          the temp. at night is higher than normal

-          clouds move in different directions at different levels

-          Text Box: The aircraft must be down in the first third of the runway, or a go-around should be initiated early, ideally prior to touchdown.  In the above case, the decision to go around was initiated far too late, the crash resulted and the pilot was lucky to walk away from the wreck. 
The moral? If you have any doubts about you ability to get down in the required zone, make the decision to overshoot before the touchdown. If you don’t, the results of not getting it right and running out of runway can be disastrous! There have been many accidents because the pilot did not make the decision to overshoot until it became obvious that the aircraft could be stopped in the available runway. 
For instance, airline pilots expect to land on every approach, one only has to read the TSB reports to realise that this doesn’t always work. If you do land too long, it’s generally safer to stay on the ground. If the aircraft does sustain damage by going off the runway, it’s better to be down than flying a damaged aircraft around the circuit. (a recent gov’t publication referring to a damaged King Air staggering into the air with bent props and other damage as a ‘successful overshoot’ makes me wonder how some folks define ‘success’.) Those two pilots were lucky to be sleeping in their own beds that night!
So to sum up…make the landing or overshoot decision early and don’t go changing plans too late in the landing!
That’s All For Now Folks! LARY
high, thin clouds (cirrus) increase. A large ring may appear around the sun or moon and remain there until overcast clouds thicken and obscure it

-          clouds darken on a summer afternoon

Look for showers when:

-          thunderclouds develop in a westerly wind

-          cumulus clouds develop rapidly in the spring during early afternoon.

Look for clearing weather when:

-          the Barometer is rising

-          the winds shift to the west or northwest temperature falls fairly rapidly, especially during the afternoon.


Thanks for reading this month, until the next, keep the blue side up!