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HELLO and welcome to February! In case you are wondering, there is a little progress at work on this page of the webiste. Monthly newsletters will now be posted here and at the end of each month will get archived in their specific year folder. This will be an easy way to keep the newsletters here on the web so you can browse through OAS' great history, past and present!Click on the various months to find out what has been going on at OAS. Welcome aboard to Cedric Paillard and Cam Petrie as flight instructors! And, as always, lots of other things going on!

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From the Desk of the President


      It seems every time aviation gets ahead some policy or organization takes some action which has the potential to destroy years of work by those of us in the industry, the latest proposals by Nav Canada  if implemented will have a far more devastating and permanent effect on the industry than 9/11 !

    The proposal is that at certain airports across Canada{and for float planes on the Fraser River if you can believe that!} there will be fees rising eventually to $1600 per light aircraft to be at these fields, including the North Field in Ottawa, what they don’t understand is that its just a quirk of history that the  North Field  which is and has for over fifty years been the GA Airport for Ottawa happens to have a common border with CYOW. If we and all the other GA operators are forced out of it will not result in one cent of cost saving at CYOW, the ground equipment will remain the same the only effect it will have is to stop dead all development at the North field{you cant build condos next to a runway} and drop the revenue to the airport authority to zero! They will still have to cut the grass and keep the taxiways to the south field open as per their agreements with Sanders  and others, also the crash routes must be kept open. The next effect if we are all forced to CYRP will be total chaos, five flight schools, one runway {I don’t include the gravel runway as usable} no taxiway, the largest helicopter company in Canada, an ultra light school and all the EAA and homebuilders, the movements would be such that a tower will be required, so where would the savings be ? Further to this the loss of the  North Field with the advent of the VLJ[very light jets, over 5000 deposits paid!] will result in this traffic being forced to mix with the heavies at the South Field, just what the FAA is trying to avoid in the States! If we do not win our battle with Nav Canada the following will I believe be the long term results

      {1} The steady loss of flight training n capacity will in about ten years result in Canada having to go offshore to crew Westjet Air Canada ect, the folks will say how did this happen? {2} Our domestic light aircraft industry{Diamond, Found, Zenair et all} will as happened in the UK when such fees were introduced wither on the vine[Remember Percivil, DH, Auster, Miles?} even the RAF now fly German built trainers! The whole of Nav  Canadas interest seems to be in the 1200 airliners in Canada, not the 29000 GA aircraft which service the North and our resource industries, further to this situation we are seeing vital airports closing, Terrace Bay last month, Banf and Jasper under the gun. The solution, its simple, PUT THE AVIATION GAS TAX BACK INTO THE INDUSTRY THAT GENERATES IT  ! If this is not done we will the total and irreversible collapse of this industry.

      WHAT CAN YOU DO? its simple write Nav Can before Feb 11, copy your MP, MPP and the Minister of Transport!

   Nav Can By Mail,PO Box 3411,  Station D Ottawa Ont K1P 5L6, Email Fax 613 563 3426 Phone 800 876 4693, Make sure you get an acknowledgment   End of  rant! Lary.


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