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Course Requirements


            An applicant for the Instrument Flight Rules Rating must hold a valid PPL or higher license and by the time a rating is issued must have at least 50 hours of cross-country PIC time.

2. Training Requirements:

  1. Flight Training- Minimum of 40 hours of instrument training time, of which 20 hours may be approved ground training device time. The 40 hours must include at least one country of at least 100 NM with two approaches to published minima.
  1. Ground Training: There is no specified ground school for this rating, however Transport Canada provides a detailed breakdown of topics that may be encountered on the exam. There are several options available in terms of receiving some ground instruction.

3.Test Requirements:

  1. Flight Test-Before attempting the Instrument Rating flight test, all of the applicable training and experience requirements must be completed. The applicant must present a Flight Crew License Application for Rating certified by a qualified person.
  1. Written Examination: There is a single written examination for the Instrument Rating. The pass mark is 70%. In order to write the examination at Transport Canada, an applicant must have completed 75% of all of the required training for the rating.

These regulations apply to both the Single IFR(Group 3) and Multi-IFR(Group 1).

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