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Mini Engines

Being lovers of all things engineering, another passion for us tinkering folk is the stirling engine, this awesome mini engine kit is not only a joy to build but also a great talking topic, they come in all shapes and sizes (some huge) and can perform an array of tasks - off the grid living anyone?

these little kits are available from the UK and the US but the US seems to have a lot more options, here in the uk a great place to find stirling engine kits is over at www.stirlingenginekits.co.uk they have rounded up the best of the bunch for you to easily find one to suit your skills and budget. enjoy!


Pet issues

Fleas are tiny parasitic insects that live off animal blood. Many fleas don't have to feed on specific animals. Cat fleas, despite the name, can feed on humans and dogs as well. Most of them are dark auburn in color and have a fairly flat shape. They do have antennae, although their antennae and other parts can be difficult to see with the naked eye. Fleas are around one sixth of an inch long, although some of them are as small as one twelfth of an inch long. Despite their small size, fleas can still be easy to recognize.

Individual fleas are very short-lived, with lifespans of one hundred days. However, fleas reproduce at very high rates, which is one of the reasons that an infestation of fleas can be so frustrating to treat and address. People with pets can help prevent flea infestations by regularly taking their animals to the veterinarian.


funky bathroom accessories

We all love seeing something a bit different, something that shows off someones personality - this is not something that can always been done in ones bathroom.

there is however, a way to spruce up your bathroom, why not simply swap out that boring loo seat for a choice of cool toilet seats from this store.

UK christmas jumpers

blue light glasses



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